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I am an annual contributor to Year’s Work in Critical & Cultural Theory and Year’s Work in English Studies. For the former, I contribute the “Science and Medicine” chapter, which reviews the major contributions to theoretical work each year and provides a summative analysis of developing or ongoing trends. For the latter, I contribute the “Native” and “General Ethnic” sections of the “American Literature: The Twentieth Century” chapter.

The journals are published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the English Association. Their descriptions are clear. For YWES:

The Year’s Work in English Studies is the qualitative narrative bibliographical review of scholarly work on English language and literatures written in English. It is the largest and most comprehensive work of its kind and the oldest evaluative work of literary criticism. The Year’s Work in English Studies does not merely offer annotated or enumerated bibliography entries, but provides expert, critical commentary supplied for every book covered.

Each volume includes a detailed overview from Old English to contemporary critical works for a given year, and contains critical notices for some 1100 books; extensive coverage of English Language, American Literature, New Literatures in English and English Literature; coverage of specialist periodicals; comprehensive indexing by critic, author, and subject; plus bibliographical endnotes for each chapter. YWES is an essential resource for scholars in any field of language or literary studies.

Year’s Work in Critical & Culture Theory is more focused on theoretical work and

provides a narrative bibliography of published work, recording significant debates and issues of interest across a broad range of research in the humanities and social sciences. As the fields of critical and cultural studies shift, so the range and scope of the journal alters, and current volumes include chapters on Digital Media, Science and Medicine, and Popular Culture. The Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory functions as a bibliographical tool of practical use to scholars and students alike, as well as a lively collaboration with contemporary debates.

The advantage of reading each journal is the presentation of the scope of the discipline each year in a manageable, single source. As a writer, I comprehensively cover the major trends in the discipline on an annual basis.

If you are an author with a new book or article in these areas, please feel free to bring it to my attention by emailing me!

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